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How to Start Blogging in India For Students in 2024

How to Start Blogging in India 2024

What is Blogging & How to Start Blogging in India?

Blogging is a procedure that suggests writing articles, creating photos and other configurations of content, and posting them on a website. Its features include informal speech, a relaxed atmosphere, daily updates, recommendations, new points, and a huge audience.

In this article, we will describe the advantages and disadvantages of blogging. Discover how it works, and reveal some points on how to start a blog. Here we will also talk about what types of jobs are available in this field, earn money from blogging, and discuss some free platforms to create a blog. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of BloggingHow to Start Blogging in India

These days, the blogging field is getting huge day by day and people are taking this field for making future and earning money. 

There are many ways to become a blogger, you can join some companies that are working in this field and connect with the teams of content marketers. 

If your motive is to make money from blogging, it takes some time to earn money from blogging. 

The beginning stage is a long time of hard work, commitment, and irritation. So it is advised not to step back before making a solid earning. 

Today, I will discuss some of the positives and negatives of blogging as a profession. 

Advantages of blogging

As an experienced blogger, I know there are some advantages of blogging, that people are unfamiliar with. 

And that’s why after a long time of experience, it’s my professional career. 

Here I’m describing some important advantages of blogging. Almost all points are in the context of professional blogging in India. If you are a part-time blogger then it will also be helpful for you.  

Be Your Boss

  • Unlike other jobs, you don’t have to work from 9 to 6. You can work from anywhere at any time and without any difficulty.
  • You’re your boss and free to do work as you want. 
  • You can plan your schedule and simply work on it.
  • No Boundaries.

More Power

Memories of those days when you came back from office and you had to write an article for your blogs. but you can’t, because no more energy is left in your body.  Your boss has sucked all your energy into office projects. So you choose to sleep by choosing to work for your blog excitedly. 

Working as a blogger will increase your energy. You can work more creatively and without any boundaries. Now you can join our blogging course 

More Concentration

  • You can concentrate on your work without any pressure and boundaries.
  •  No one will give you an order, you can work with your mindset.
  •  It will be simple, As well you are fulfilled with your work or pillory your work. 

Easy to  Find Clients 

If you are providing services like creating a blog, consultancy, and other services related to blogging, then you will be able to attend to clients at any time.  You can give more time to your work and your clients and get time to increase customers. 

No time restrictions, and no frustrations. 

Better Option to Make More Money

All the points I described above guide to a step up in blog revenue. You can easily exceed your salary by blogging in India. If your luck works, you can get a lot of clients. You can earn more than your job per day salary. 

Personally experienced, this when I resigned from my job as a full-time blogger. I was making more money from my job. It is increasing 10x day by day. 

Disadvantages of blogging

  1. Feeling Lonely

This is a very common problem for every blogger who works from home. Social interactions are very less for bloggers who work from home, aloneness a little bit appears. They miss their old bonds, the friends who create problems in their work time. There’s a harsh variety of blogging in India. You have to work alone until you can’t reach a certain level and find some more chances to expand your work so that you hire a new employee. If you’re choosing blogging, you can make plans for a week or a month properly so that you can interact socially. 

Honestly, it was very hard at times to get everything done online but if we manage a high-quality stability between professional and social life it will help. You can move forward to the next step. 

Here are the best ideas to deal with disadvantages:-

  • Working on co-working places
  • Join ToastMaster
  • Meet experienced bloggers
  • Start podcast and video

Financial Conditions

I know some bloggers who are not well experienced in blogging and they are struggling financially. They love to create blogs but they don’t have a proper income source. Some bloggers choose freelancing jobs. Some are dependent on their parents. 

Health Issues

We are human beings and all of us get ill. This is a very hard time for those bloggers who are working alone. They don’t get time to update and it is a big loss for them in income and traffic generating. At that time you can ask your friends to update the blog or you can hire an assistant for those days


Blogging needs discipline. Most of the people who choose blogging over their jobs need a schedule for full-time blogging. Sometimes they work during the day and sometimes at night. These things break discipline which a blogger needs to work. 

Point of View and Studies

Blogging is community-based. You need to answer the questions of readers and for that, you have made reading a part of your task. You need to know some basics of SEO, writing skills, and soft skills to become the best blogger. 

These are some pros and cons of blogging. 

Jobs in Blogging in India

What do Bloggers do?

Bloggers write content for companies, organizations, and marketing companies. Bloggers edit, post, and promote content to various web pages. Bloggers’ duties include writing charming content, boosting content over social media platforms, Bloggers pivotally reporting to business owners. Content marketers or managers. 

Qualifications need to become a blogger

The qualifications or knowledge needs for a blogger job: 

  • A rank in digital media, marketing, and English
  • At least two GCSEs, including English
  • Two A Levels

Responsibilities of a blogger  

  • Creating, investigating, and launching ideas for posts
  • Writing, editing, posting, and promoting content.
  • Describing and educating others about interests, services, and products. 
  • Observing responses on posts via websites, social media, and other platforms to understand the needs of the audience. 

Pay scale in blogging job

The average salary of a blogger in India would be 25000 rs. The category you’re working on has the biggest impact on income. 

How to make money from blogging in India 

Becoming a blogger and making money by writing a blog is like a dream. Not only can you work independently and leave out 9 to 6 but also you can do it from anywhere. Hence it includes hard work, beginners can also make money by blogging but all we need to do to become a successful blogger is discipline and focus. 

You’ll think about creating a blog and becoming a part of the blogosphere. After that, you need to gain a target audience. Whether You wish to do side work or a full-time blogger. This complete guide will teach you how to start a blog. Then you’ll also learn about robust tools that you can learn to make money by blogging and converting your website traffic into money and surely starting an online business. 

How much can you earn by blogging in India?

Before knowing the steps of making money by blogs first let us see how much money we can make by blogging. 

How much can you earn as a beginner blogger? According to a report after just 2 years of building traffic and subscribing to this type (e-commerce, business, blogs, portfolio, events, personal, non-profit, informational websites) of websites bloggers can make money upwards of INR 100,000/- rupees annually. In the first year of a blogging career, you can make money from 500/- to 1000/- per day. 

Remember these points before starting

  • You can make money even if you’re not an expert in writing.
  • It is possible to use numerous strategies to bring more revenue to your blog.
  • Expert bloggers make money by using the same strategies.

7 steps to make money by blogging in India 

Follow these steps to move forward with your craft and invent your blogging efforts:

  • Find a Profitable Category
  • Scale your Content
  • Set up Reputation
  • Grow and Promote
  • Become an affiliate
  • Write sponsored content
  • Provide consulting services

Build Your Presence Online 

Before starting to make money, you need to build a website, start a blog, and gain traffic. Think like this: More traffic to your website is equal to more money.

Here is how to do it:

Find a Profitable Niche or Category 

 If you’re starting to write a blog, You will surely ask yourself – What Should I Write About? Before you start writing, you need to select a niche. Pick one generic theme in a specific field for your blog to attract targeted people.

After selecting the niche you’ll spend a lot of time on this subject But if you are serious about making money by blogging you have to think about the subject on which people want to read and if those subjects are financially workable. 

Once visit Cup of Jo, for example, A women’s lifestyle site that prospects topics like food, style, culture, relationship, travel, and parenting. The site was founded in 2007, the most popular blog, Receiving around 4 million monthly views and around 1 million unique visitors. 

Ask yourself these three questions before selecting a niche:

  • What are my interests?
  • Type of audience
  • Which topics are beneficial?
  • Scale your content

Now you have chosen your niche, it’s time to start writing content. As you start keep in mind analysis and plans beyond your article can impact your blog commercially. 

On top of everything you need to post content daily without even thinking about the quantity and quality of content. Some most important things you know about blogging in India :

  1. Choose blog topics wisely
  2. Post content daily
  3. Distribute Workload
  • Build a Reputation

Once you have written a lot of content, establish yourself as an official in your field to move forward in making money by blogging in India.

Try Guest Blogging 

Start building your online existence, especially in the blogosphere, You can connect with online publications in your category and suggest ideas for guest posting. do not forget to send links to your work with the idea as proof of your work experience.

Here is the list of some publications you can reach out to and try for guest blogging in India:

If your luck works or in case you were just selected by any publications they can offer you payment also for your submitted content this is a very great start for making money from blogging. if blogging is not profitable for you financially, it can be still valuable for you, in return, you can get a huge network with others in this field.

Guest blogging in India also provides backlinks to your blogs.

Collaborate with experts

You can also start working with experts in your fields so that you can establish a reputation and grow your audience. Find out the professionals in this field for example the editor of your favorite publication can ask you for an interview with them. however, this may be a solid request.

  • Grow and Promote

The more your blog reaches people the more you can earn from it. for that increasing your website traffic is a very important milestone for making money with your blogs.

Before we think about how to advertise your blog, you must have to continue posting your work. you should promote your website with other steps.

Grow your demand with these steps:

  • Build a social media plan
  • Start podcast
  • Create a blog newsletter
  •  Create lead magnets
  •   Use opt-in forms
  •  Build an email list
  • Optimize SEO

If you are planning how to make money from your blog keep these steps in mind.

  • Become an Affiliate

As we all looked into how much a blogger can earn by blogging in India? this report can show us all the bloggers use affiliate marketing for extra income as that section of their legitimate plan. Affiliate marketing is much better as an extra income source.

Affiliate marketing means that you can start a passive income by blogging about other people’s products. That includes adding links to a variety of products in your blogs and posts. if any of your readers or visitors click on the link or purchase something from those links you can earn a commission from that.

Here are some of the most popular affiliate marketing platforms

  1. CJ Affiliate
  2. Amazon Associates
  3. Clickbank
  4. ShareASale

Affiliate marketing is a perfect plan for professional and personal blogging in India. So think about it and start a passive income from affiliate marketing.

  • Write Sponsored Content

As your blogs get popular, some companies will ask you to sponsor their products in your blogs and posts. They will offer you payment for that and also this opportunity comes with an extra benefit which is they provide you with the products for free.

To take these types of opportunities you need to wait for companies to reach you. Be confident when you are dealing with the companies because you need to explain to them why they chose you in this market. for example, you can tell them about your audience and the number of visitors monthly.

  • Provide consulting services

Here is another way to make money by blogging it includes utilizing all the knowledge you gain as a professional blogger, Using your posts and blogs as your portfolio, and Providing your experience as a consultant.

It depends on your field you can do this as an individual or as a consultant in a company. There are many types of blogs marketing to interior design stepping a milestone to a develop consulting business. For example, you can create blogs on marketing consultants and interior design.

To start, offer services by providing good discounts or exciting packages. You can also connect group services, for example, online courses, webinars, and speech events. If people find that your blogs are profitable and valuable, they will pay you for that.

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