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The digital marketing industry has noticed a massive bang in the past few years. Businesses and fields seek professionals to build and manage their online businesses. It's your time to grab the opportunity and the right skills.

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Digital Marketing Course Fees in Jaipur

Digital Marketing Course can be learned as both of certification or as a program in Jaipur. Many institutions and colleges offer that option. Digital Marketing is becoming a well-known field in these areas for better career growth. A proper Degree in this field can last 1 to 3 years at any college. Many colleges provide degree programs in the digital marketing field. A certificate program from any well-known institute can be done in 2 to 6 months. 

The top colleges in Jaipur for digital Marketing Degrees are NIMS University, Apex College, and Amity University. These colleges offer MBA and BBA  and many other diplomas and Certificates. 

100% Job Oriented Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur 

DigitaliGyaan is the most trusted and best Best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur. Since 2019, we have educated more than 1000 students across the city and helped them build a successful digital marketing career.

Want to start a successful career in digital marketing? Do you want to take your skills to the next level? Are you looking for business growth with your targeted audience? Look Forward. Our Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur is only for you. 

You can join Digital Marketing Training in Jaipur if you’re a learner, college student, homemaker, business owner, or whatever you are. If you are looking for the right skills to make your future brighter, you are in the right place. 

In this Digital Marketing Course, we will cover advanced strategies and formulas, which means you can join this course if you have some knowledge about it. 

There are many opportunities in this field with high-paying salaries. Still, you can grab these opportunities with a good knowledge of all the digital marketing tactics. It would help if you chose the suitable Digital Marketing Classes in Jaipur by DigitaliGyaan to do so. Our Expert team will teach you all the new tactics of digital marketing.

Do You Want to Know Everything About Digital Marketing?

Today, I’m telling you about the Free Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur, including every detail. 

Digital Marketing is used for optimizing the online presence of a business and reaching the targeted audience to meet your objectives in digital marketing. 

To engage with the right audience, boost your brand awareness and high website traffic, generate quality leads, and increase your sales and income. It uses websites, mobile apps, digital channels, and social media. 

Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur with Placement has become vital for businesses to stay aggressive and increase their clients in this digital age, as every single person depends on online platforms nowadays. You can make your career in this industry with Jaipur’s Best Digital Marketing Course. 

DigitaliGyaan Digital Marketing Course Fees in Jaipur Online & Offline

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Digital Marketing Course By DigitaliGyaan

DigitaliGyaan is providing a free masterclass on Basic Digital Marketing in Jaipur. DigitaliGyaan is known as the Best Institute For Digital Marketing Courses in Jaipur. This institute has made more than 1000 students careers across the city this year. 


They provide a free demo on Digital Marketing in Jaipur, which you can watch from anywhere and anytime.

DigitaliGyaan Offers you a Free Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur for 2 Days of Demo Classes.


Topics You'll learn in DigitaliGyaan's digital marketing training in Jaipur?

Well-organized and complete syllabus According to the latest technologies and trends!

  • What is digital marketing?                      
  • Why do we need digital marketing?
  • Digital marketing for Professionals
  • Types of jobs in digital marketing
  • The future of digital marketing
  • Digital marketing tactics for different types of businesses
  • Purpose of digital marketing 
  • Mysterious digital marketing
  • Segments of Digital Marketing Strategies 
  • Practicals
  • Logo Designing
  • Banner Designing
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Designing
  • Using canvas
  • What is the domain?
  • Types of domains 
  • Types of extensions
  • How to purchase the right domain
  • Knowledge about hosting and cPanel
  • Basics of WordPress
  • Differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org
  • Why do we use WordPress in digital marketing?
  • How to install WordPress and Create your first website 
  • WordPress blogging
  • E-commerce in WordPress
  • Building a personal website using WordPress
  • Introduction of SEO
  • Different tactics of SEO
  • Why seo is essential in digital marketing
  • Working process of search engines
  • Black-hat and white-hat SEO
  • Keyword research
  • Local SEO
  • On-page SEO basics 
  • Off-page SEO basics
  • Technical SEO basics 
  • SEO reports 
  • Case studies
  • Google search console 
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Website speed optimization
  • SSL certificates
  • Google algorithms 
  • Indexing
  • Introduction of blogging
  • Benefits from blogging
  • Making money with blogs
  • Blogging in SEO
  • Categories Blogging
  • Applying for Google AdSense
  • What is AdSense?
  • Account setup
  • Content research 
  • Grow traffic 
  • Guidelines and requirements of Adsense
  • What is Google Analytics?
  • How do you set up an account in analytics?
  • Concepts of Cookies 
  • Google Analytics for SEO
  • PPC campaigns
  • Link tracking'
  • Analytics report creation
  • UTM parameters
  • Intro of Google Tag Manager
  • Setup of Google Tag Manager
  • Tag manager components 
  • Tag, triggers, and variables
  • Tracking videos 
  • Facebook pixel and GTM
  • Basics of Email marketing
  • How to do Email Marketing?
  • Tools of email marketing
  • Writing an email
  • Cycles of Emails 
  • Call to action 
  • Spamming score
  • Lead generation
  • Facebook ads
  • Type of ads
  • Creating a campaign 
  • Audience Targeting
  • Landing page optimization
  • Facebook Analytics 
  • Buyer persona
  • Running all objectives 
  • A/B testing 
  • How do you get clients through Facebook ads?
  • Profile creation
  • Account setup
  • Practices of Instagram posts
  • Ads on Instagram 
  • Growth strategy 
  • Case studies
  • Intro of LinkedIn
  • Profile setup
  • Posting on LinkedIn
  • Linkedin ads
  • Facebook vs. LinkedIn ads
  • Billing account creation
  • Practices of LinkedIn ads
  • Introduction of Google ads
  • Google ads work
  • Landing page importance
  • Understanding the different types of ads
  • Ad creation, Optimization, and reporting
  • All settings in Google ads
  • Tools related to Google ads
  • Shopping Campaigns 
  • Scripts & Tracing
  • Basics of SMO
  • Lead Generation Organically
  • Using Chatbots for SMO
  • Tools for SMO & Post Scheduling
  • Creating a Social Media Calendar
  • Client/Agency for Social Media
  • Tools for Social Content Creation
  • Algorithms of Social Media Platforms
  • Rule of Consistency on Social Media
  • Tools for Content Ideas
  • Top Freelancing Platforms
  • Building Freelancing Profile
  • Live Walkthrough: How to Win Projects?
  • How to Set Pricing for Your Services?

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Mohd Shahid Sheikh
Mohd Shahid Sheikh
15. December, 2023
Very nice service, recommended
Anurag Sharma
Anurag Sharma
15. December, 2023
I was searching best digital marketing course in jaipur for a long time and then I found on Internet DigitaliGyaan Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, It is too good intitute you can join this institute.
Rejesh S Jain
Rejesh S Jain
15. December, 2023
I have completed my digital marketing course in jaipur from DigitaliGyaan, Thanks you to give me a valuable knowledge.
MM Jewellery Collections
MM Jewellery Collections
15. December, 2023
1. DigitaliGyaan is one of the best digital marketing Institute in jaipur
The Facts Up
The Facts Up
15. December, 2023
Are you looking best digital marketing Institute in jaipur so I highly recommeded to you about Digitali Gyaan Digital Marketing Institute is too good you can join.
15. December, 2023
I have completed my course from DigitaliGyaan it is best digital marketing Institute in jaipur
Tasneem Bano
Tasneem Bano
14. December, 2023
Thanks sir to change my life and your Institute is great nd teaching styles too good your Institute forever one of the best Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur
adnan rehman
adnan rehman
14. December, 2023
Nise Digital Marketing Institute in Jaipur, Environment is also good great teaching
14. December, 2023
I have completed my Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur from Digitaligyaan Digital Marketing Institute it is big game changer institute thank you so much sir
shakeb ali
shakeb ali
14. December, 2023
Digitaligyaan is provides best Digital Marketing Course in Jaipur

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